The Osmo finish that we apply in the workshop provides good resistance to spillages such as water, juice, tea, and even wine. To keep your furniture clean once you've got it home, please simply wipe with a damp cloth and warm soapy water, nothing more chemically harsh or abrasive. There is an Osmo product for daily cleaning but warm soapy water is fine in our opinion. It's how we clean our furniture at home.

The finish we provide should last for many years, but we understand from our clients that they like to keep their furniture well protected, so enjoy the process of annually applying reviving product. There are Osmo products which can be applied annually to keep the finish up to strength. We'd always advise trying something like this on a patch of wood on the underside of the piece to see how it looks first.

If you damage the surface of your piece of furniture beyond normal wear and tear, please get in touch with the workshop for some advice. Often the oil can simply be topped up to hide any blemishes but we can advise on what solution is best and the type of oil we originally used on your piece, as we often use different kinds of Osmo for different species of wood.

Remember, because it’s always made from solid wood, and never with veneer, it can always be re-sanded and re-finished if after 50 years you would like to give it a new lease of life before handing it down to your grandchildren. 

Most importantly though, enjoy watching your Sebastian Cox piece grow old gracefully.