The Team

From humble beginnings in a stable in Lincolnshire, we have grown into a small but perfectly formed group of designers, makers and wood enthusiasts.


Director, designer, maker, miller

Sebastian is the founder and co-director of the company. His training was in design, making and sustainability. Growing up in the Kent countryside he spent hours playing in the woods, developing a deep respect for them as a resource and near-sacred space. He laid the foundations of the business in 2010 with a collection which sought to ignite a much needed conversation about our woodlands and the unlocked potential they contain. He’s mostly found running between the workshop and design studio, admiring and selecting boards of wood, drawing new and beautiful ideas for furniture, fixing machines and excitedly, passionately driving the business forward. He is still the fastest and most precise maker we have ever seen and can sometimes be found discussing the broader ambitions of the business at the Carpenters’ Hall where he is a liveryman. Nearly all of his best ideas have come to him in the shower. Despite our better judgement he still remains in control of the Sebastian Cox Instagram account; follow him through the woods @sebcoxltd.



Brogan is our highly creative co-director who likes a plan and knows marketing inside out. She is who you need to speak to if you want to write about us, or have an idea for a creative collaboration. Her training in fashion and brand management has been making our story heard louder and clearer since she joined the business in 2012 - we quite literally wouldn’t be where we are without her. Brogan has a super eye for colour, interiors, product design and draws beautifully. She keeps our business on the right brand-track, so that what you see on this website fits neatly with what we’re making and thinking in the workshop and the studio. Brogan also works for AHEC, delivering incredible and influential projects such as The Smile which was the landmark project of The London Design Festival 2016. She’s Sebastian’s wife too, which means there’s no escaping the discussion about our next creative project for either of us. @broganjane



George was the first member of staff at Sebastian Cox Ltd. He graduated from Bucks with a degree in Furniture and is a true ‘woody’ through and through. He’s recently been given ‘Craftsman’ status within the workshop because we’ve calculated he’s achieved 10,000 hours of making and undertakes every project with precision and speed. His dry sense of humour keeps us all chuckling, and he gets very cross if anyone tries to make coffee before 11:00 or eat lunch before 12:50. George is also our Researcher of paper, developing ideas about how wood fibres can be used in fine forms. Check out his witty take on workshop activities by following him @meadfurniture.


Designer, maker

Jo is a superb maker with a great eye for detail and design. She studied at Plymouth working in both wood and clay and has a broad interest in natural materials with a thorough understanding of wood. She writes part-time for Studio, so she has her finger on the pulse of what’s going on in the design world. She’s currently also studying a part-time MA in Sustainable Design at Brighton (yeah, I know - she’s really busy!) and is more passionate about environmental sustainability than most people we’ve met, so she keeps us on our toes by being our Sustainability Officer. Jo sometimes writes lists on the back of sandpaper, which sounds chaotic but she’s actually very organised. Jo commutes from Brighton every day. Ouch. @joweaden.

Jack Hubery.png


Jack is our designer. He works closely with Sebastian to develop drawings and solve problems. He's a digital whizz, fluent in all CAD software and runs our CNC router and 3D printer. He is developing a strong understanding of wood and hand processes by spending as much time in the workshop as he can, always talking to our makers to understand how they work. He's only recently started drinking coffee, in place of smoking, and tears around on a fixed gear bike with no brakes (which he recently cycled to Brighton on, which we think is mental). If you call the workshop, he's the one with the Brummie accent. He’s an ingenious home-made re-user of materials, from aluminium to plastic, having recently made a beer barrel furnace and bottle-unwinding machine. Check these projects out @jackhubery.


Indira is our impressive apprentice. She joined us aged 17 and is learning fast. She’s studying at the Building Crafts College alongside her time in the workshop. Her A-level piece won a student award from the Furniture Makers’ Company which is pretty ace. Indi is already having an impact on the workshop, taking on the making and handling of all Underwood orders, as well as developing new Underwood products with Jack, Brogan and Seb. She is also our resident expert-turner. We rather like having an apprentice, and we rather like that unlike most other apprentices, Indi is learning to cut traditional joints, and work with British wood, which Indi likes too. @indiraed

SebastianCox - Willow Cox

Workshop dog

Willow is Brogan and Sebastian’s dog. She’s a Parson Russell Terrier (with a bit of English bulldog in her). She’s our head of meeting and greeting (although she doesn’t yet make tea) and handles our PPI/double glazing callers who now ask for her by name but wonder why the conversation is dry. She mostly chews offcuts of wood and sleeps in the workshop but is occasionally found trying to steal biscuits from the kitchen or up on Jo’s bench in the sunshine. She’s an enormous poser and loves it when the camera comes out.