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The Sebastian Cox workshop and studio were originally created through extensive experimentation with coppiced hazel. Coppicing is the means by which Sebastian created his debut collection, Products of Silvaculture, in a bid to find a contemporary application for coppiced wood. This material is renewable and abundant yet often overlooked and with deeply ingrained traditional uses.

Sebastian Cox is at the very pointy end of showing us just how versatile
and productive a coppice woodland can be. He is a true adventurer.
— Kevin McCloud



This experimental collection fuses ancient ways of working wood with a contemporary aesthetic. Originally designed and made as a design-led use for a very traditional material, Products of Silvaculture has gone on to become a pivotal part of everything we do.

Certain pieces have evolved to take their place in our current collections (particularly Underwood) and others are often used as the starting point for unusual and unique bespoke commissions. These pieces showcase the ambitious and ethical origins of the Sebastian Cox workshop, studio and mill.




Coppicing is an ancient method of woodland management and is effectively pruning at ground level. It is a process which encourages fast tree regrowth, producing a completely renewable source of material while simultaneously boosting biodiversity.