Sebastian Cox creates a legacy piece for the British Film Institute


Together with Amanda Nevill of the British Film Institute (BFI) we have created The Writers Collection, a furniture series designed and made for screenwriters using American red oak, on display at the Victoria & Albert Museum during the London Design Festival 2019.

By invitation of Sir John Sorrell, chairman of London Design Festival, and in collaboration with the American Hardwood Export Council, we have joined some of the world’s most prolific designers to create ‘Legacy’ pieces for London’s top cultural institutions.

The Writers Collection comprises a curved desk, chair and pen case which will be situated at the BFI on London’s Southbank for screenwriters to use when they need a change of scene, new inspiration or peace and quiet. The curve of the desk allows writers to face outwards and take in the view or face inwards for moments of concentration. Inside the desk is a paper scroll for people to sign, hopefully creating a written record of the writers who sit there and the work they create.

Sebastian made this collection in the Berkshire workshop of Benchmark Furniture, surrounded by our own fantastic team of designer-makers who helped bring this and other Legacy projects to life.

By using American red oak we hope to shine a light onto this useful, beautiful and versatile material which grows prolifically yet is often overlooked in favour of its much less abundant cousin, white oak. With our nature-first approach to material selection we strive to use what the environment wants to yield.

The writers collection will be on display from 14th - 22nd September in the sculpture gallery at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London. Following which it will be installed indefinitely at the BFI, Southbank, London.

Brogan Cox