Underwood: the new collection using more of the coppice


This month, we're launching Underwood, a new collection of pieces designed to use even more of the hazel trees we coppice and drive home the value and beauty of British timber.

We're known for our passion for sustainability and traditional craftsmanship and through our experience of woodland management we've created Underwood to utilise the hazel we coppice, usually considered excess or waste.

Underwood comprises the ‘Hewn’ bench, stool, three-legged trestle and tea table, ‘Mop stick’ shelves and ladder, ‘Crown’ candelabra and ‘Spray’ coat pegs, all made from hand-coppiced Kentish hazel and well-managed British ash.

While we love all of our glorious British hardwoods, hazel is the Sebastian Cox Furniture's favourite and the most underused British timber in the furniture design world. So we have made it the hero of this collection, at the heart of every design and kept it in the round.

Brogan Cox