Exclusive: scorched shakes for The New Craftsmen


We’re incredibly excited to launch a new, Scorched Shake Cabinet in The New Craftsmen’s beautiful Mayfair store in September, during London Design Festival.

The cabinet is an exclusive adaptation of the Shake Cabinet we launched earlier this year with the Chestnut and Ash collection, in collaboration with Benchmark, at Clerkenwell Design Week. We’ve been experimenting with the design especially for The New Craftsmen.

Made from sustainable crops of coppiced chestnut, well-managed ash and combining the ancient skill of cleaving – the controlled splitting of wood along its grain – and contemporary furniture making techniques, the scorched Shake cabinet has a simple and textural aesthetic.

This cabinet sits where traditional meets modern; honestly showing how the tree grew, how it is constructed and how the hands of the craftsman made it.

We originally collaborated with Benchmark through our shared passion for craftsmanship, design and sustainability to use an abundant and self-replenishing material as well as a plethora of skills and tools near forgotten too.

Through the Chestnut and Ash collection we were able to explore coppiced timber beyond our debut collection, Products of Silvaculture, and create a range of furniture using a part-traditional part-contemporary manufacturing process.

It makes perfect sense that we come together with The New Craftsmen to release the exclusive Scorched Shake Cabinet, celebrating craftsmanship, British timber and fine furniture.

You can see our exclusive cabinet in The New Craftsmen store this week during the London Design Festival.

Brogan Cox