Hewn trestle

Hewn trestle

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The Hewn trestle is made from well managed crops of English ash and hand coppiced Kentish hazel, kept in the round. The four legs of the trestle have been hand hewn to a taper using an axe, showing the bright white hazel beneath the bark. Each leg has been neatly wedged into the top making it strong and light.

Trestles come individually, as a pair or with a solid English ash top, as shown here. The Hewn trestle is also completely customisable. For deliveries outside of the UK, please get in touch to place your order for bespoke shipping.

Individual trestle H 700 W 700 D 250

Solid ash top H 20 W 1400 D 800

Carbon emitted (single trestle): 3.77 Kg CO2
Carbon absorbed (single trestle): 9.26 Kg CO2
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