We are not having a Black Friday sale


Black Friday is absurd. People wrestling over televisions isn’t really our cup of tea and although we are a business we don’t believe in mindless consumerism; our workshop opened its doors in order to prove sustainability could be stylish.

We strive to design and make things which you will keep in your home for years to come and hand down to your children when you’re old and grey (or you can keep them, that’s ok too). We think this means you should take a little time to consider your purchase, come to the workshop, meet the team, fondle a chisel and get to grips with a waney edged board of timber or two. And let’s face it, that’s not going to happen if you’re hurriedly adding candelabras and side tables to your shopping basket in a sale-drunk frenzy.

We also pride ourselves on designing and making things with all the skill and craftsmanship we possibly can. We take pride in what we do and believe we charge a fair price for it, avoiding discounts and sales so you can buy whatever you want, whenever you want.

When we saw this comment from Vitsoe we were inspired by it. So in solidarity, we won’t be holding a black Friday sale either. We won’t take any orders at all in fact. I mean, if you really want something I'm sure we can be persuaded to sell it to you. But for a full and honest price. After you've thought about it long and hard.

Brogan Cox